Animal Assisted Counseling of Colorado

Veterinary Social Work (VSW) is a discipline that focuses on the human needs that arise in the intersection of veterinary medicine and social work practice.

Veterinary Social Work focuses on:
1) Grief and Pet Loss
2) Emotional Support Animal (ESA) Assessments (3 sessions at $80 per session)
3) The Link Between Human and Animal Violence
4) Compassion Fatigue and Conflict Management.

We at AACC believe that individuals have a strong bond with their pets, considering them to be best friends and much-loved members of the family. As such, owners may become overwhelmed when their pet experiences a devastating illness or traumatic event. Acknowledging the incredible relationship between humans and their companion animals, we are dedicated to reinforcing the bond through incorporating VSW services into our practice. VSW continues to grow as a field as there is a continued need for supportive services for the “human” participants in a human-animal bond setting (veterinary clinics, domestic violence facilities, homeless and animal shelters, universities, schools, service dog organizations,).

More Details Coming Soon!