Animal Assisted Counseling of Colorado

AACC Interns


Vanessa Herzog 

Vanessa earned her bachelors of science in Psychology from Western Washington University before her journey led her here to Colorado. She is currently pursuing her Masters in Somatic Body Psychotherapy from Naropa University, as well as her animal-assisted certificate from the University of Denver. Vanessa has taken several trainings including: embodied creativity, compassion training, DBT training, ASIST suicide prevention training, dog psychology and dog training courses. Her recent practicum position gave her experience working with incarcerated individuals preparing them to enter back into community and mentoring them through this process. Vanessa has ran her own Cosmetology and Pet sitting business for several years giving her experience in tailoring her work to the individual and enhancing her communication skills.

Her theoretical orientation stems from a foundation of body psychotherapy, animal-assisted, and trauma-informed approaches. She comes at therapeutic work from a relational, humanistic, and integrative lens bringing in whatever modalities will best support her clients in their path towards healing. Vanessa was an art teacher for several years and loves to bring in play, humor, creativity, and authenticity to her work. Vanessa has been an animal lover her whole life and knows well the benefits furry loved ones can contribute to an individuals well-being. She has spent years working with animals, especially dogs and cats training basic obedience, and caring for them when their families were away. Vanessa feels animals can provide a unique presence in therapy and dreams of bringing the body, trauma-work, and animals together as her clinical modality.

Vanessa has 3 of her own fur-babies including her dog Pandora, and her two co-kitty therapists Jake and Pudgey. She seeks to work with all individuals wishing to better their lives in whatever way that looks like for them. Vanessa's focus is on trauma, especially complex post-traumatic stress disorder. Vanessa and her cats are originally from Minnesota and Pandora is from Washington state. Vanessa is here in Colorado finishing her degree before she decides where her passion will take her upon graduation.