Hi my name is Ranger. My mom and dad adopted me from the Denver Dumb Friends League when I was 10 weeks old. My mom says that I was actually her best Christmas present ever. She thinks I am a Golden Retriever mixed with a Brittany Spaniel. I was in 3 other places before finding my forever home with my mom and dad. I am a momma's boy and am 11 years old. I am a therapy dog who enjoys working with older kids and adults. I have passed the Canine Good Citizen test and am a registered therapy team with Professional Therapy Dogs of Colorado. I love to play with my toy chicken and learn new skills. I know over 20 cues. Sometimes loud noises scare me so please be sensitive to my needs. My favorite place to get pet is where I can see your hands. I especially like my back and belly rubbed. Let's play! (Ranger is cared for by Carri). Just FYI, though, I am in semi-retirement from therapy work- and yes, I'm enjoying my golden years!


Hi I am Hope! I am one of the sweetest Golden Retrievers you will ever meet. I love to hang out with my brothers Ranger and Noah, but I sometimes get nervous when meeting new dogs. When I was lost and did not have a family, I got into some scary fights that other dogs started. My mom and dad adopted me when I was one and a half years old and I am now 8. They drove from Denver to Lamar, Colorado to meet me and of course they fell in love with me immediately. I am pretty adorable, don't you think? I know alot of cues but not as many as my brothers. I am excited to meet you and love to give kisses. I too passed my Canine Good Citizen test and am a registered therapy team with my mom through Professional Therapy Dogs of Colorado. 
(Hope is cared for by Carri).


I'm Noah and I am the baby in the family. Mom and dad adopted me from Every Creature Counts when I was 7 months old. I was in a foster family but now I am in my permanent home. I am energetic and love to have fun, but  sometimes I forget my boundaries. I love to lick faces and give big hugs, but if that is not your thing just tell me off in a strong voice. I know it is important for me to have self-control, but sometimes it is sure hard. I am super smart and love to learn new things. I will do almost anything for a treat. I will be your best friend and I  love to please. My mom thinks I am a Retriever maybe mixed with a Border Collie. I am 7 years old. I just passed my Canine Good Citizen test and am a registered therapy team with Professional Therapy Dogs of Colorado. (Noah is cared for by Carri). 


​Oh! Hello everyone! My name is Minerva, named after the Roman Goddess of intellect and wisdom. I am a four and a half year old Australian Shepherd! Ever since the day I was born, my mama worked very carefully with me because she knew that one day, I would grow up to be a working dog, helping people. When I was very young, I began using my nose to smell changes happening in a human's body. My mama was so proud of me, and helped guide me so that I could learn how to help her as her service dog. One of the most important jobs a dog could ever have! Because of how smart and wise I am, under my mama's watchful eye, I have learned how to also use my service dog training to help others, as a dually trained therapy dog! So now, not only do I have one very important job, but two!! When I'm not working, I love chasing my squeaker; catching frisbees in the air; playing with my little brother, Cerberus; and especially, going hiking, camping, and traveling with my mama and papa! So far, I have visited 15 out of the 50 United States, and I'm determined to see them all once my mama and I finish graduate school! My mama and I are a registered team with Professional Therapy Dogs of Colorado. (Minerva is cared for by Carmen.)


Hi everyone! Even though my full name is Delilah Rose, I much prefer my nickname, Lilah! I am a 4 year old mix originally from Wyoming. I didn't have the best life up there, so a wonderful agency brought me down to Colorado two and a half years ago to be a service dog. This is also where I met my mom, since she was working there at the time! While I really enjoyed learning new tricks and helping people, I didn't really like being in public too much, since the world can be scary sometimes. So I decided to make a career change! After some time off, I decided that I wanted to work with my mom as a therapy dog. It can take me a little bit to warm up to new people, but once I have, I will be ALL over people's laps, and will be asking for treats and good girl pets. I am also super smart and athletic, so I LOVE the sessions where I am learning new things or running through an agility course. In my free time, I like to take regular trips to the dog park, play ball, or run around with my little puppy sister, Penelope Patches. Mom and I are a registered team with Professional Therapy Dogs of Colorado. (Lilah is cared for by Ashley).


Hi! My name is Pumpkin! I am a 3 year old Silkie female Guinea Pig. My mom adopted me from Cavy Care, Inc. My original family was not able to take care of me and they brought me to Shannon at Cavy Care who took wonderful care of me until I could find my furever home. I am very sweet, mellow, and calm, but I definitely run the show when it comes to my sister Autumn. I have beautiful, long red hair that needs grooming. I will sit in your lap and let you pet me as long as you want! I am somewhat quiet, but I am starting to come out of my shell and become more vocal. 


Hi! My name is Autumn. I am a one year old, American short-hair tri-color female Guinea Pig. I also came from cavy care as I was relinquished by my original family. I am still getting used to my new home and all the sights, smells, and sounds of my new environment. I am somewhat shy, but when it comes to food I’ll try anything once. I especially like parsley, strawberries, cilantro, and carrots. 


Hi my name is Justice and I am a grey hooded fancy male rat. I love to eat, and will happily show you some of my fun tricks for treats and pets. Some people have called me fat. I like to think of myself as pleasantly plump, well fed, and healthy. I recently lost my best friend and brother, Freedom, and I've been experiencing what my mom calls "grief and loss" after his passing. Luckily for me, my mom saw how sad I was without Freedom, and she recently brought home three baby brothers for me to meet! Their names are Blaze, Domino, and Decker! They are still too small to live in my home with me, so they have a smaller, temporary home for now. Mom lets us play under close supervision though, which is fine by me since they have so much energy and are still learning about personal space and boundaries. All they wanna do is run around and crawl all over me!! I loved to wrestle with my brother, Freedom, and was usually the winner, so I'm hoping that when my new baby brothers get a little bigger, they'll like to wrestle as much as he did. Just cause I’m a rat, please don’t make assumptions about me because I take pride in my cleanliness, appearance, and hygiene. I also love to meet new people so I hope you’re excited to meet me! 

Little Dude (Seuss)

Hi! My name is Seuss, but I prefer Little Dude because I am quite the character. I am a one and half years old and I am an American smooth coat male guinea pig. My mom adopted me when I was 3 months old with my brother Wiley. Wiley started picking on me when I was about 5 months old and we had to be separated, and I am okay with that! I am full of spunk. I love to give kisses and I love watching TV with my mom. Sometimes, I like to be perched on her shoulder, like a parrot. I am super friendly and I am an expert therapy guinea pig. 


Hi! My name is Wiley. I am an American Crested male guinea pig, which means I have a unique cowlick on top of my head! I’m a few months older than my brother Little Dude, and my mom separated us because I used to pick on him since he was annoying me. And now, I am sometimes labeled “the problem child”. Despite having problems getting along, I still need love and attention from my human family. Sometimes, when I am annoyed and I see a finger, I impulsively want to see if it’s food. Sometimes, mom think I am trying to bite, but I am really hungry most of the time! At times, its hard to be a guinea pig! So please give me a chance and get to know me before making assumptions about me based on past behavior.

Chevy, Jazzy, and Gallant
Chevy, Jazzy, and Gallant (pictured left to right) are enjoy celebrating the holiday season by showing off their Christmas spirit with their mom! (Chevy, Jazzy, and Gallant are cared for by Alex).

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