AACC's mission is to utilize animal-assisted interactions in conjunction with evidence-based practices in order to  improve mental health. AACC addresses issues such as, but not limited to; mental illness, child maltreatment, domestic violence, parenting support, coping skills, academic challenges, behavioral issues, and grief and loss.

AACC believes in the theory that individuals learn best when they are involved and active in the process of change, which is why AACC uses experiential therapy modalities. Furthermore, AACC clinicians utilize strengths-based and culturally considerate practices while working with clients.

The therapist-client relationship at AACC is open, honest, and welcoming, creating a positive and safe environment for each individual. 

Additionally, AACC offers a range of innovative and individualized therapy by integrating animals, music, art, and play, into practice.

Individual, family, couples, and group animal assisted counseling sessions.

AACC works with dogs, rats, & guinea pigs.

Animal Assisted Counseling of Colorado